I offer 20+ years of nonprofit board experience and 20+ years of professional growth and development. My experience as a board chair, a nonprofit trainer, a law professor teaching nonprofit law, and a Certified Diversity Professional will enable me to carry out the role of Chair of the International Executive Board Chair in a manner that meets the highest standards of Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment. 




When I say,  “I am honest,”  I want you to trust me to do what is right; what I mean is that I will work
tirelessly to care for the sisterhood to the best of my ability and that I will be transparent in the process.



Moving with Integrity is to be thoughtful and deliberate when giving advice and weighing decisions. 
Following the process ensures great policies are implemented.



Commitment is demonstrated by a focus on a task coupled with the ability to prioritize work. I am
fortunate in that I have flexible hours and family support  which allows me to dedicate my time and
resources to the careful consideration of the business of the sisterhood. I can focus on reviewing an
annual budget, evaluations, and policy exploration.